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How to become a home inspector?

Have you ever considered becoming a home inspector? By working as a home inspector, you will be the expert who provides future buyers with information on the natural conditions of their dream home. You will know everything about the maintenance and care that a house requires to be in optimal condition, and with your expert eye, you will guide buyers to make the best decision. Undoubtedly, this job brings many benefits such as good pay, flexible hours, and job security.

The process of becoming an inspector may seem complicated, but it is not! If you are considering specializing as an inspector, you should consider the particular regulations of your state. Here is a guide to what you must do to become a home inspector:

  1. Once you have reviewed your state regulations to become a home inspector, you must choose the school for the pre-licensing requirements. We recommend that you consider the quality of education because you will train for your future career.
  2. Take the pre-licensing course: Specifications may vary depending on what state you are in. Either way, completing this training will give you the necessary skills to become a great inspector. The more practice you have, the better you will do your job as a professional.
  3. Take the exam to obtain an inspector's licence in your state. When you have finished your course, schedule a close date to take the exam and get your license! We recommend that you schedule it as soon as you complete the course so that all the knowledge remains fresh.

The process varies considerably between states. Therefore, we recommend finding out and studying the regulations to become a home inspector in your state.

Once you finish this process, you can start working autonomously or in a home inspection company, such as Gray Home Inspections; you can gain even more experience working with a professional team with years in the business. For more information on home inspections, we invite you to visit our website.

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